In the Amazigh language of Morocco, the saying "Afous Gafous" carries a profound meaning: hand in hand. Fadma Mohsine, a weaver hailing from a village near Ouarzazate, embodies the spirit of Afous Gafous. At the age of 15, Fadma experienced an unexpected partial disability in her extremities. Instead of being deterred, she chose to persevere and learn the art of weaving from her mother.
Fadma's weaving skills lead her to create innovative designs using natural dyes—a pioneering accomplishment in her village. Fadma observed that many women in her community struggled to develop their weaving craft and achieve financial independence.
Fadma began teaching a group of women in her village how to weave. This initiative took root and, in 2009, evolved into what is now known as the Association Afous Gafous. Today, Fadma serves as a mentor to 15 talented women within the association.
Hand in hand, these women have overcome numerous obstacles, propelling their cooperative's growth and impact. They aspire to use the proceeds from their sales to empower and uplift all the women in their village, extending the benefits of their craft to a wider community.
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