Robin is a photographer with a passion for cultural engagement. During college, she discovered the power of the camera as a tool for dialogue and equal narrative representation between the photographer and subjects who may not typically communicate. Through collaborative photo projects, she fosters learning, discussion, and challenging of ideas.
In 2022, Robin embarked on a global journey with her camera, seeking to expand her portfolio and gain cross-cultural knowledge. Along the way, she connected with the founder of Indigenius, an organization bridging technology and ancestral craftsmanship. Robin now serves as the principal photographer for Indigenius, capturing the ancestral crafts and practices of indigenous communities while immersing herself in their cultures. Indigenius aims to preserve these crafts, provide technological training, offer virtual galleries, and sell the artisans' products transparently and fairly.
- Bachelor in Visual Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Genk (2017-2020)
- IB Diploma, Sunset High School, Portland Oregon (2015-2017)
- IB Diploma, International School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2013-2015)
Photography Workshops and Residencies:
Stephen Leslie - Street Photography (2021)
Marijke Toen - Birth Photography (2021)
Sophie Callewaert - Wedding Photography (2021)
The Richters - Alternative Wedding Photography (2021)
Teun Van Der Heijden - Book Design (2020)
Bieke De Poorter - Documentary Photography (2020)
Sarah & Charles - Performance Photography (2020)
Carl de Keyzer - Documentary Photography (2019)
Jan Rosseel - Documentary Photography (2018)
Bas Losekoot - Documentary Photography (2017)
Professional Experiences
2023, Colombia
- Collaborated with Cano, a distinguished jewelry brand specializing in pre-Columbian jewelry. Produced a documentary highlighting the intricate craftsmanship within their factory and conducted e-commerce photography to showcase their unique jewelry line.
2023, Costa Rica
La Choreja
- Teamed up with La Choreja, an artisanal collective in Guanacaste. Directed and shot a documentary providing an in-depth view of the artisanal processes involved in the creation of their products. Conducted e-commerce photoshoots to emphasize the distinctive features of their handcrafted items.
2023, Mexico
Mujeres Que Tejen
- Partnered with Mujeres Que Tejen to document the meticulous process of creating naturally dyed and handmade products. The project aimed to illuminate the artisanal organization's dedication to preserving traditional techniques.
M.A. Studio
- Collaborated with M.A. Studio, contributing to the documentation of a wood crafting workshop led by one of the artisans associated with M.A. Studio. Produced e-commerce photographs showcasing the artisanal products. M.A. Estudio's mission revolves around the preservation of traditions, advocacy for artisanal processes, and support for Mexican trades, reflecting a deep appreciation for cultural heritage.
2023 Lebanon, Beirut
Life of Loofah
- Capturing the work of Noor Taan, a multidisciplinary artist, to showcase the innovative use of the loofah plant, emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices and community empowerment.
2023 Egypt, Cairo
Royal Perfumes (Artisanal Family Business)
- Collaborated with the family business, employing my photography skills to highlight their exquisite products in marketing and promotional materials.
2023 Sri Lanka, Kandy
Brassware (Artisanal Family Business)
- Collaborated closely with an artisanal family business, photographing their brassware creations to highlight their craftsmanship and attention to detail.
2023 Morocco, Tamegroute
Tamegroute Pottery (Family Business)
- Immersed in the family business of pottery-making, capturing the uniqueness and cultural heritage of their handmade pottery through photography.
2023 April - Present
Principal Photographer, Indigenius
- Lead photographer for the platform, responsible for capturing powerful images that portray the rich diversity and cultural heritage of indigenous communities.
2023 Morocco, Marrakesh
Tighedouine (Artisanal Cooperative)
- Collaborated with an artisanal cooperative, capturing the beauty of their handmade rugs and textiles, showcasing their traditional designs and craftsmanship.
2023 Morocco, Ouarzazate
Afous Gafous (Artisanal Cooperative)
- Captured the artistic value and cultural heritage of the cooperative's handmade carpets and textiles through visually compelling photography.
2023 Morocco, Ouarzazate
Tizi Nougdal (Artisanal Cooperative)
- Utilized my photography skills to showcase the intricate jewelry and accessories created by the cooperative, highlighting their unique designs and traditional techniques.
2023 Morocco, Marrakesh
Timouzounine (Artisanal Cooperative)
- Collaborated with an artisanal cooperative that is part of Anou, capturing the beauty of their handmade rugs and textiles, showcasing their traditional designs and craftsmanship.
2023 Thailand, Chiang Mai
Studio Neanna (Artisanal Organization)
- Collaborated with Studio Neanna, capturing the artistic process and craftsmanship behind their handmade textiles.
2022 India, Jaipur
Aashray Care Home (Orphanage)
- Volunteered at Aashray Care Home, capturing moments of joy and resilience among the children and documenting the impactful work of the organization.
2022 Nepal, Bethanchok
Mount Mahabharat (Homestay)
- Created a visually engaging narrative of the homestay experience, capturing the natural beauty of the surroundings and the warmth of the local community for marketing purposes.
2022 India, Pune
Avanti Art Resort (Art Centre)
- Photographed the vibrant art installations and events at Avanti Art Resort, showcasing the intersection of art and culture.
2022 India, Bangalore
Maya Vadi Organic Farm (Organic Farm)
- Collaborated with the organic farm, capturing the sustainable farming practices and the serene beauty of the farm's surroundings.
2022 Jordan, Wadi Rum Village
Magic Nature Camp (Family Bedouin Camp)
- Immersed in the desert experience provided by the family Bedouin camp, capturing the rich cultural heritage and the stunning landscapes.
2022 Belgium
Iraqi Wedding Reportage
- Covered a traditional Iraqi wedding, capturing the ceremonies, rituals, and emotions of the event.
2022 India
Indian Wedding Reportage
- Captured the grandeur and intimate moments of an Indian wedding, documenting the vibrant traditions, colors, and celebrations.
2022 Italy
Italian Wedding Reportage
- Photographed an Italian wedding, capturing the romantic atmosphere, cultural traditions, and candid moments of the celebration.
2020-2022 Belgium
Passerelle Dance Studio (Reportage Maker)
- Produced compelling visual stories through reportage photography, focusing on performances, rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes moments at Passerelle Dance Studio.
2024 Selvedge Magazine 
2024 Vogue Arabia
2024 Future Materials library at Heimtextil in Frankfurt (Franklintill)
2023 Dubai Design Week
2020 Inferno, “Inferno: 5 Year Anniversary”, p.10-19, March 2020
2020 Theater Krant - “Niet op: Judith Clijsters” https://www.theaterkrant.nl/nieuws/niet-op-judith-clijs ters/, 24th March 2020
2019 Alternative Photography - “Algea Platform” https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/architectu re-studio-display-algae-platform, 20 Novermber 2020
Available upon request.
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